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Ryhill Junior, Infant And Nursery School

Together we can achieve

While it is hoped that all pupils will value and respect one another, and recognise the benefits of positive behaviour and attitudes, it is important too that a contingency to deal with inappropriate behaviour is in place, and administered consistently and reasonably by staff.

The school uses a visual traffic light system to monitor pupil behaviour. The scheme is called Good to be Green. A card chart is displayed in each classroom; all children start the day on a green card. If a child exhibits what the school deems to be undesirable behaviour, they are given a verbal warning. If the child continues to exhibit undesirable behaviour they will then be issued with a yellow ‘warning’ card. If the child still continues to exhibit undesirable behaviour then the child will be issued with a red ‘consequence’ card. The consequence of receiving a red card will be the loss of five minutes of playtime. If a red card is issued, parents will receive a text message saying that their child has received a red card and that they have lost five minutes of playtime. Parents are welcome to get in touch with school to enquire about the circumstances which led to the issuing of the red card.
The number of cards issued and the loss of playtime will be recorded on a class record sheet.

Where children have lost playtime, they will be removed from the playground and asked to sit inside (supervised) until the penalty time has passed. In this way, it is hoped that children experience a further opportunity to be motivated to preserve their playtime by following codes of conduct agreed in school and class.

Where pupils engage in inappropriate behaviour which is physical/aggressive towards another child, children will automatically receive a red card and will need to see a member of the SLT who will determine the consequence. If a child receives 3 or more red cards in one week, they will also be asked to visit a member of the SLT.

In order to reward positive behaviour and encourage children to consider the consequences of their actions on others, each class will calculate, as a percentage, the number of red and yellow cards received each week. The winning class (with the lowest percentage of red and yellow cards) will be announced in Friday's Special Mentions Assembly every week and the winning class will be awarded a trophy. In addition, when a child has remained ‘green’ all week, they will received a Good to be Green sticker to place on a collection card. If, at the end of the half term, a child has stayed green every week, a praise card will be sent home to their parents/carers.