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Ryhill Junior, Infant And Nursery School

Together we can achieve

Reward System

Team Points – group rewards

Children in school will be divided into school teams based around our theme of space. Each child will be given their team in September, the teams are as follows:

Galaxies (red)

Astronauts (blue)

Rockets (yellow)

Solar systems (green)

Each child will be able to earn stars for their team for good behaviour in class and around school. Once a star is given, they can place it in the correct jar in class (each class will have 4 team jars). At the end of the week, selected year 6 pupils will count the stars and add them to a central tally in the hall. This will be done in Friday’s Special Mentions assembly each week. At the end of each half term, the team with the highest total will be the winning team and will receive a special reward.

Chances – individual rewards

In each class, children can win ‘Chances’ on which to write their name and then place in the class ‘Chance Box’. These Chances can be awarded to children for their effort and achievement in class, as well as for displaying any of the school’s 6 Attitudes to Learning.

Every Friday, each teacher will randomly select a ‘Chance’ from their class Chance Box and the winning child may select a prize from the central Prize Chest in Mrs Kenyon’s room at the end of the day. The winning child will also receive a ‘Teacher’s Award’ sticker by their class teacher so that parents know that their child has won a prize in school.

Each week, the box will be emptied and children can earn more ‘Chances’ the following week. The more ‘Chances’ a child gets in the box, the more chance they have of winning!