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Ryhill Junior, Infant And Nursery School

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School Lunches

At Ryhill School we offer the option for your child to have a hot school lunch.

The main aim is to provide your child with a nutritious, tasty and enjoyable meal.

Each day your child will be able to choose from two freshly cooked main courses (one of which will be the vegetarian option) and a filled jacket potato. Additionally the option of bread and a salad bar. For desert your child will have the option of a hot of cold pudding and either a yoghurt, fresh milk or biscuit/cracker.

Below you can see the menu, which is on a rota.

The food is prepared and cooked freshly everyday by qualified catering staff. Over 75% of the menu options are homemade and the meat is from the Yorkshire and Humber area. The catering staff do their best to source fresh ingredients that are as locally produced as possible.

At Ryhill School we do everything we can to encourage your child to eat their five a day to stay healthy. This includes providing fresh fruit, unlimited salad and at least two vegetables each day.

If your child has special dietary needs the catering staff can provide meals to meet there needs.

We have recently been awarded the 'Eat Well' award, which we are very proud of.  We achieved this through providing and promoting healthy food choices, which are lower in fat, salt and sugar and having a high standard of food hygiene.